VA house

  • Land Size: 150m2
  • Building Size: 200m2
  • Status: Built
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Surabaya, East Java
  • Photos: Clifford Sutedjo

This is one of our latest private residential projects. It is fully designed to fulfill the owner’s needs, and elevate the owner’s expectation of “home”; a house, an office, a social space. We created a side yard which serves as an entrance, which also functions as a social space, and reflects the owner’s personality and their love for nature.

One of design strategies in this house is creating useful features that maximizes the space such as lining the staircase with shelves which can function as mini library. This feature makes the living room more spacious and creates a better experience to those who occupy this space. Another interesting feature of this house is the upstairs hallway. It is the source of light and natural air flow, perfect spot to enjoy the lovely garden, where one can simply pull out a chair, watch the rain and have a meditative moment. This hallway also serves its purpose as a hangout area, and a dramatic entrance to the bedrooms.